It's Been a Year

03/18/2013 12:36

Tomorrow is my one year anniversary with my girlfriend. Erica and I met through a mutual friend  Krista  and to be honest with you I think everyone is surprised that we have made it a year. We are completely opposite. She loves to party and stay out all night, and I enjoy a nice dinner in and a movie. Erica is a social butterfly and I on the other hand am content with the small group of friends that I have. We are good for each other though. She gets me out of the house more than I am used to and I get her to stay in and have a nice quiet now. It is actually a good balance. When I first met her I will have to admit that I was not attracted to her. I mean I thought she was cute, but she is not the typical girl that I go for. After our first date when my friend asked me if he thought we would see each other again I said probably not. She however was really insistent on seeing me again. I am glad that she was because honestly she is the love of my life and I would be lost with out her. When I am having a bad day she knows just how to cheer me up.

Our relationship is different from all the other relationships I have been in. Most of my other relationships consisted of fighting over silly little things. Erica and I hardly ever fight. I want to take her to the restaurant that we had our very first date at for our anniversary. It is a small little Middle Eastern restaurant. After that I have arranged for us to stay downtown for the entire weekend at a very nice hotel. I set it up so that there would be rose pedals all over the room when we walk in. Then I set up a couples massage and horse drawn carriage ride around the city. I am not usually good at planning romantic outings but with her it comes easy.

I can honestly say that I see myself marrying Erica. I know we have only been together a year, but what a wonderful year it has been.  I think all my planning is going to surprise Erica. She usually tells me I am lame and doesn’t think I am planning anything. I am pretty low key most of the time, but it is important for me to show her how much I really do love her.

It's Cold Outside

03/20/2013 10:19

I am going to be right here online for the better part of the day. I don’t have anywhere to go nor do I plan on going anywhere especially in this weather. We had a cold front move in overnight and as I type this it is 11 degrees outside without the wind chill. The wind chill makes it -3 out and that is not the kind of weather that yours truly goes out in unless he has to. My goal in life is to move to someplace that is warm year round. I have been saying that for the last five years so maybe someday it will happen.

One thing I am going to do today is find the best p2p VPN out there. I have been downloading torrents a lot lately and want to protect myself while I do it. I also need to do some shopping. I need two things and want a bunch of other stuff. The first thing that I need is a new bed for my dog Skippy. The one he has now is old and is starting to fall apart. He sleeps in that thing 90% of the time even at night. He used to sleep in the bed with me but ever since I got him that bed he prefers that. I am not complaining about it either as he used to hog the bed even though he is like half my size. I also don’t have to wash my sheets and blankets nearly as often. I hope I can find the same one that he has now but it has been so long they might not make it anymore. The other thing I need is a new monitor. I want to finally get a wide screen one. I was over at my friend Ryan’s house the other day and he has a really nice one that I like. I won’t however be getting that make and model as his is way over my budget. I did a quick search last night and saw a couple in my price range but need to do more research before I pull the trigger on one.  The stuff I want won’t get mentioned here since I probably won’t even buy any of it. I am sort of a penny pincher and don’t spend my hard earned cash on stuff I don’t really need. The monitor is something that I have wanted for a long time though so I’m going to make an exception there.


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